Meet Justin

Canine Behavioral Consultant

Canadian born, Hong Kong raised, Justin has years of experience with canines from various continents. At a young age of 8, Justin single handedly trained his two family puppies Spike (Miniature Schnauzer) and Tyson (a single-eyed Pug), as well as teaching them a variety fun tricks. He spent a tremendous amount of his time after school teaching Tyson to playfully greet house guests with a tissue in his mouth! Interacting with dogs and being a pack leader has been a natural affinity of Justin’s. Patient, passionate and persistent, Justin treats every dog as if his own and is eager to bring out the best within your dog.


Meet phoebe

Canine Behavioral Consultant 
Certified Pet Food Nutritionist
Certified Dog Groomer

Growing up in Shanghai, Phoebe grew up in a house full of dogs with breeds ranging from Shih Tzus, Beagles, Havanese and a variety of crossbreeds. Her childhood has given her the confidence and ability to educate dogs from all walks of life and temperaments. She is patient yet firm to ensure that your canine respects the education process and will take the skills she imparts to heart. During her 5 years in New York, she continued to refine her skill set by becoming certified in both pet food nutrition as well as grooming. She is looking forward to strengthening the bond between you and your canine to best it can possibly be.